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When it comes to Denver weather, there's no need for guessing games. Before you pack for your trip, check out our clothing guide. You'll find a basic outline of routine attire sectioned by season. Just scroll to find the season of choice, and then get ready to pack for the trip of a lifetime! Enjoy our Denver weather!

Springtime visitors to Denver and Colorado will find balmy, sunny days with cool evenings. With the Denver weather being so comfortable, medium weight clothing such as a comfortable pantsuit for women or a lightweight jacket for men will be most appropriate. Ties for men are seldom necessary except for business occasions or in the more formal restaurants. Denver weather is usually mild and dry.

Cool, casual clothing is ideal for our warm, sunny summer days in Denver. Sunglasses are a must with more than 300 days of sunny Denver weather. When the sun goes down, the Denver weather may change. Evenings can be cool, so it might be advisable to have a light sweater on hand. Summer days in the mountains are quite pleasant. However, summer storms can arise suddenly and those who venture into the backcountry are strongly advised to have long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and a warm jacket close at hand.

Denver weather in the fall is pleasantly similar to Spring with warm days and cool evenings. Medium weight clothing with a jacket and/or topcoat for evenings should prove a comfortable combination in this Denver weather. A visit to the mountains will generally require warmer clothing. However, daytime temperatures can vary from warm to crisp, so several layers of medium weight clothes (shirts, sweaters, and jackets) will allow adjustment for maximum comfort.

Winter days are generally a combination of warm sun and crisp air. Daytime temperatures can vary from below freezing to above 60 degrees, so layers of medium weight clothing together with a warm jacket or overcoat are desirable. Many may think Denver weather is full of snow, but that's actually not true. Snow falls infrequently in Denver and usually disappears quickly; however, a pair of boots should be included in the wardrobe. Remember, because our Denver weather is typically mild and dry, golf and tennis can be enjoyed year -round!
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